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Arriving End of Nov: Size 12-24 months & Tops for children who are toilet trained!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Tubies

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Yes its that time of the year again when we all start thinking we need to get cracking with our Christmas shopping. 

Its not always easy finding the right gifts for our children. It can be a hit and miss with toys!

Our daughter is most happy with a face towel to suck on and a packet of baby wipes to touch and feel as it makes crackling sounds ... and yes she did get those last Christmas!

We have been browsing around to find Tubie related items in addition to cute tactile and sensory gifts that would keep them entertained and stimulated.

Sensory and tactile activities can be fun, creative, and therapeutic for special needs children.

This list can be particularly helpful to close family members and friends who find tubie gifts a bit of a dilemma :)

We have listed below a few Christmas gift ideas (Including where to find them). 


Gingerbread Man Bath Bomb £1.00

 Tip: Bath bombs/fizzers can also be used in a warm bowl as a sensory foot spa

* Slinky £1.78 

* Giant Bubble Kit  £19.99

* Light Projectors Fairy /Unicorn /Outer Space £2.99

* Glow in the dark race track & light up car  £7.99

* Flashing Spiky Rubber Ball £0.99

* Chewy Tubes  £6.50

* Button or NG Tube Soft Toy Buddy

You can make one yourself or if you are not crafty with the needle you can order one via Crafty Fiona in the UK or via Tubie Friends (latter is free but postage from USA will apply)

* Bath Crayons  £3.00

* Christmas Bath time finger puppets  £3.00

Tip: We prefer these to rubber animals in the bath because the rubber ones can get mouldy on the inside causing more harm to our children's health. Especially when immune system is compromised.

Bath Underwater Disco Light  £3.99

* Make your own social story book. Download, print and laminate one of the Gtube or NG Tube feeding social stories we shared on our FB page 

* My Belly Has Two Buttons (Book By Meikele Lee - £7.99)

A Very Tubie Christmas (Book by Meikele Lee - £7.99)

* Fashionable adapted tube feeding bags from TubieeGo 

* "Be careful I'm tube fed" awareness tag from Starkidtags

* Gtube pads, belts, clips (Gtube Pads UK / Hobbyhorse Lane)

* Christmas medical tube stickers for NG tube fed children from Tubie Doodles (instead of the medical tegaderm film dressing) 

* Sensory Friendly Christmas Top or accessible tubie DIY iron on patches from Tubie Kids®

* Dribble bibs (Funky Giraffe, Bubba Bibs, Willow Bug, Bibbleplus, Cheeky Chompers)

We hope you find this useful and we wish you all a healthy and festive holiday season.

From Our Tubie Family to Yours

Merry Christmas xx










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