Travelling Abroad with Tube Feeding Supplies

Summer is nearly here and many of us are thinking about holidays!

Pre planning is KEY when travelling abroad with all the tube feeding supplies needed. It always feels that you are taking everything including the kitchen sink!

We have listed some tips that would make your travels slightly easier.

  1. Several Homecare providers offer holiday/export services (Such as Nutricia ,Fresenius Kabi etc). This service depends on which country you are travelling to and they will need a minimum of 6 weeks notice.

    If you contact them and they can cover the area you are travelling to then they will send you an application form by email to fill out to start the process. They usually aim to get all the tube feeding supplies that you will require for that period delivered a week before you reach your accommodation/ hotel.

  2. If you are going to use Homecare's holiday/export service, you will also need to liaise with the hotel or accommodation that you will be staying at to make them aware that they will be getting the shipment on your behalf before you arrive.

  3. Speak to your Homecare provider to arrange getting an additional pump & pump charger and an extra button replacement (if latter applies to you), to tide  you over the holiday period especially if you are travelling abroad. The last thing you need is a pump machine or charger dying on you, in addition to a button breaking while you are out there!

  4. Going through security checks can be a pain especially if your child is connected to their feeding pumps and even worse if the pump starts beeping!

    PINNT charity in the UK offer medical tags to put on your feeding rucksack.

    To obtain the tag, you will need to register to become a PINNT member first (this is a free membership). After your membership registration is complete, you can apply for the tag. The tags are free of charge to members.

    You simply attach the tag to your dedicated feeding rucksack. If you are stopped for a security check, you can ask them to scan the QR code or use the log in details shown. It will not mention your condition or treatment, it will however allow them to check its genuine medical equipment.

  5. If you use a special needs buggy that does not look as obvious as a wheelchair, Starkidworks have special needs pram tags that start from £4.99.

    With these tags, the airport staff will clearly see that special needs assistance is required and that you will need to take the pram to the aircraft door (bypassing the usual bag/pram drop location).

  6. Starkidworks also do "Medical Equipment Inside Handle with Care" & "Medicine Inside Handle with Care"  tags  for £5.99. These tags are really handy to warn baggage handlers to handle your bags with extra care.

  7. Speak to the airline to request additional medical baggage weight and special assistance. Before you speak to them, list the items you will need to take with you (*do not forget to mention pads and baby wipes if needed).

    They will ask about size dimensions and weight of medical equipment you will be taking with you so its best to have them at the ready for when you speak to them.

  8. Ask your GP to provide you with a medical letter (if they can add what medicines and equipment you will need to have with you on board the flight and in your luggage that will be even better!).

  9. Research the nearest hospital to location you are going to. Always good to know as a plan B and creates less panic in case you need it! Lets keep fingers crossed that this will not be needed!

We hope you have found these tips useful.

Bon Voyage :)