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Social Stories

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Having an unwell child in hospital, or having to undergo various tests, treatments or even an operation can be one of the most stressful things for a family to experience.

This can be a confusing and stressful time for the child and their siblings if they have any.

We spent a lot of time in hospital with my little girl. Her brother, 2 years older,  was very confused, upset and anxious about the whole situation. One day he even said "Why did you choose this sick baby from the supermarket mummy? I don't see you as much now!".

Bless him! he had all the attention then BANG new baby that was not well and now mummy in hospital all the time. 

Hearing him say that  was so heart breaking and since then we used social stories with him to explain his sisters condition, what to expect, why mummy spends so much time in hospital etc.

Our social stories focused on subjects we were experiencing. This was a great fun, visual and interactive tool to use with our son to help him understand and cope with everything that was going on. 

Social stories included "Mummy loves you too, you have not been replaced", "The boy who had a poorly sister", "Billy Bears Button" etc.

Below are a list of links for social stories we came across on the"Living with tube feeding website" that you might find useful for your child and their siblings. They are also a perfect way to share with your child's nursery or school to explain it to the other children in class.

You can download them, print them off and use as a little book story.

1. Billy Bear's Button (A story about gastrostomy button feeding for children).

2. Ruby Rabbit’s NG Tube (A story about nasogastric tube feeding for children)

3. Cameron Camel's Pump (A story about pump feeding for children)

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have :)

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