What is a Gtube Pad and where can I buy it from?

There are several common questions we tend to find new tubie parents ask when it comes to Gtube pads. So we have listed some of the ones we could think of and included answers and resource links to help.

Tubie Gtube Pads


Q.1 What is a Gtube pad?

A Gtube pad is a fabric pad that is worn around  Gastrostomy or Jejunostomy enteral feeding tubes.

(Gastrostomy is feeding direct into the stomach and Jejunostomy  is feeding direct into the small intestines). They are commonly known as feeding buttons, Gtubes, PEGS, GJ-tubes or Jej-tubes.

Q.2 What are the benefits of using Gtube Pads?

Gtube or GJtube Pads are very popular accessories used by many tubies. Not only do they look cute but they are also accessories that provide added benefits to the users.

Gtube Pads can help absorb any leaks from the stoma site and feeding tube. As a result, can help prevent skin inflammation around the site and can reduce skin granulation tissue around the gastrostomy.

Q.3 Can I use Gtube pads right after surgery?

No! You should never use Gtube pads right after PEG or Gastrostomy surgery. It is always advised to wait until the site has fully healed, which is roughly around 6-8 weeks post surgery before you can start using them.

Q.4 How often do I need to change the Gtube pads?

It is recommended to change the Gtube pads twice daily. Once in the morning and once at night.

Clean around the site using warm water and soap, dry the area then place a fresh clean pad on.

We like to use “Aloe Vera Vaseline Lip Balm” after we dry it and before putting the pad on as a barrier cream and to prevent the skin around the site from going dry.

Q.5 How do I wash and care for Gtube pads?

To look after your pads, add antibacterial laundry cleanser to your wash (such as Dettol) and place the pads in a net wash bag before placing them in the washing machine. After the wash, hang them on a plastic clothes hanger by closing the poppers so they don't fall off and let them air dry. We personally like storing them in a special pouch so they stay nice and clean till we need to use them again.

Q.6 Where can I buy Gtube pads from?

There are several places that sell Gtube Pads in the UK. Such as Gtube Pads UK, Groovy Tubies, PiQuu Hand Made, Button Buddies in addition to more suppliers on Etsy.

Q.7 What is bamboo fabric backing on Gtube Pads?

Many suppliers offer a bamboo fabric backing feature which is highly recommended due to it being an antibacterial, hypoallergenic and highly absorbent fabric.

I hope you have found this useful.



*Zayne is a special needs mum and has 10 years of tube feeding hands on experience. She has designed and manufactured high quality adaptive clothing for tube fed children in mind, inspired by her own daughter. She is a huge advocate for raising tube feeding awareness and providing "new tubie parents" with as much resources they need to help them start their tube feeding journey with ease. 

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